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Sites and Attractions While Staying in Burbank Corporate Apartments

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If your company has asked you to work and live in Burbank corporate apartment, you are one lucky person. The quality of life is amazing. There are many things for you and your family to see and do during your free time.

One of the most popular places to visit for a tour is the world famous Burbank studios, where many of your highly followed television shows film six days a week. You and your family can visit the studios of NBC, Universal and Warner Brothers, all of which have great tours. There is no telling what famous stars you might see.

Nearby are two of the most popular attractions in the world. Take your entire family to Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm. Disneyland is also the home of California Adventure, a complete theme park on its own.

If you love to golf but are short on time, try out Burbank’s De Bell Par 3 golf course. The course is short, even by Par 3 standards. It is an excellent place to take kids just learning to golf. You might want to try a round of golf at the Lakeside Golf Course. This course is both a private club and open to residents of Burbank on a limited basis. This was the famous course, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and other famous entertainment legends loved to play.

If you or your family likes museums, Burbank has much to offer. Within five miles of Burbank city center, there are two great art museums to enjoy: McGroarty Art Center and Xpress Art Center.  All three have galleries of great art to view and offer instruction and classes on various forms of art expression.

Your kids will love to visit the Martial Arts Museum in Burbank too. Another very popular Burbank museum is the Museum of Aviation, which works hard to preserve the legacy of the Burbank aircraft industry that was vital to the United States aviation efforts in the 1940s.

These are some of the most popular attractions in the Burbank area. If your corporate apartment in Burbank, CA is near any of them, make sure you take time to visit with the family and have a great time.

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