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Almost Home has been providing Arlington VA corporate housing for over a decade.  Our clients include all branches of the military, numerous government institutions, traveling medical personnel, and many others.  Ask us today about getting a custom quote on an Arlington VA furnished apartment.

Info on Arlington VA

Are you new to the area or thinking about moving here or visiting for a short term stay?  Almost Home Corporate Housing offers the following area information for the benefit of our potential Arlington VA corporate housing clients.


Arlington VA temporary housing residents in the area for business will find the business environment very positive.  Its proximity to Washington D.C. makes it a natural solution to those wanting to be in close proximity to the administration of the country. The largest source of income for the workforce here is the Federal Government, who directly employs more than 17% of the county’s population. Many of the extended departments of the government like DARPA, DEA and even the DOD are housed in Arlington. The next strata of employers, not directly related to government, are the companies that serve and provide services to the Federal Government.  Examples would  be defense contractors like Boeing or companies that serve the population that work for the government, like Arlington Asset Investment.