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We serve the entire Chino Hills area including Ontario, Norwalk, Corona, and Santa Ana.

Many things make Almost Home Chino Hills corporate housing a great experience.  One of those is the cultural environment of Chino Hills.  The atmosphere is starkly different from Los Angeles. While L.A. provides a fast-paced, hectic drone, Chino Hills provides a leisurely, family oriented neighborhood that is welcoming at the end of a hard day’s work. Many of the residents in Chino Hills work in L.A or its other surrounding areas.  Short term visitors to Los Angeles area find convenience and comfort in choosing Chino Hills furnished apartments over those in the larger city.

Chino Hills is primarily a residential community. There aren’t any major corporations of note here but a survey of the largest employers in the area, like the School District and the City, indicate that most of the individuals here are employed outside of the area. The City, however, is in the midst of trying to attract businesses to the area and increase the city’s business profile.