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Milwaukee Corporate Housing: Getting to Know the Area

Milwaukee is an amazing city that is beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Michigan.  It is 90 minutes north of Chicago on I-94, about 90 minutes south of Green Bay on I-43 and about another 90 minutes to the east of Madison on I-94. It is the home of Harley Davidson, and if you are a biker or a bike fan, you would want to visit the Harley museum. There are five other Fortune 500 companies here, as well as large insurance companies. Most business visitors here take advantage of corporate housing in Milwaukee instead of staying at hotels.

The city used to be strong in the brewery industry, which is why names like Pabst still carry a lot of sway here, but overall the brewery industry here is miniscule despite the reputation of being the brewery capital. Tourism is a major contributor to the local area, attracting almost five million tourists annually and generating almost $2 billion in revenues. Milwaukee is also a major inland shipping hub and is the largest city in Wisconsin.