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Surrounding Areas We Serve

We serve the entire Sparks area including West Sparks, Downtown Reno, Sun Valley, Cold Springs, Spanish Springs, North Valley, Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley, Vista.

Sparks, Nevada

Sparks, Nevada is a happening place! Boasting dozens of family activities, a number of festivals, and a score of excellent restaurants, Almost Home Corporate Housing guests will find living in this city a perfect fit for them and a memorable experience at the same time. Located along the Truckee River, Sparks offers the lively activity and hustle of a growing city plus the tranquil feel that comes from nature getaways like Sparks Marina Park or the Rock Park.

Outdoor Activities for Corporate Housing Clients

Feel like a breath of fresh air? The outdoor weekend events in Sparks and the nearby areas are virtually limitless. If you’re into golf, check out Red Hawk Golf and Resort or the Wildcreek course also nearby. Sparks Marina Park is also a gorgeous place to see, situated right along the water with lots of room to walk, enjoy a picnic lunch, fish, swim…you name it! Try the Wild Island Family Adventure Park for slides, pools, and other hilarious activities of a more or less wet nature.

Indoor Activities

If you’re more for shopping, museums, and indoor amusement, Sparks offers Scheels outlet store, a highly recommended place with tons of sporting equipment plus a fish tank and a Ferris wheel for the kids. Sparks Heritage Museum will provide an interesting afternoon pastime, especially for those interested in local history, railroad engines, and other similar artifacts. Reviews claim it’s well worth a visit. Don’t let the theaters slip by you either. Slip out of your corporate apartment some evening and go see your favorite movie—folks claim the Galaxy Luxury+ has the most comfortable chairs around.

Seasonal Activities

A number of seasonal activities are also available in the Sparks/Reno area. Fired off from the top of the Nugget Casino Resort, the Independence Day fireworks are a treat no local misses when July 4th rolls around. In the autumn, step out the door and enjoy the stunning fall colors and the bustling festivals. For winter fun, head to Reno, just miles down the road from your furnished apartment, and enjoy some amazing ski resorts and an ice skating rink. And whatever you do, don’t miss Stark’s Annual Hometowne Christmas Celebration and the lighting of the Sparks Community Christmas Tree on Victorian Avenue! Sparks is known for its Christmas spirit, and whether you’re browsing through local shops or driving down the streets, you’ll find the city all decked out and in the holiday spirit.

Restaurants and Dining

Whether you enjoy fine dining or something on the cheaper side, locals claim that Sparks can offer you dozens of choices—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try the Atlantis Steakhouse in nearby Reno—locals swear by it. They claim the In-N-Out Burger is also worth its salt—speedy, tasty—plus, it’s a cheap eat. Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs is a neat breakfast stop as well. As far as ethnic food goes, there’s the Noodle Hut for those Chinese lovers and the Super Burrito for a Mexican food night.

No matter what your reason for securing temporary housing in Sparks, NV, you are sure to not be disappointed.