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Winston Salem Corporate Housing: Taking in the South

There aren’t many things in the world that could bring more pleasure to an earthly soul to know that they will be spending a few weeks or months living in corporate housing in Winston-Salem. Working here during the summer months is, off course, ideal, but the other months are just as pleasant, if not downright amazing. Before you know it your southern drawl will kick in, but not without the natives cringing at your attempt. But not to worry, it will come in soon enough and you will be able to enjoy everything that the south offers.

Getting to know Winston-Salem is like reading a classic American novel. There is so much history at the heart of this tome and it is buried deep within the soul of its people, its buildings and its ways. This city owes its very being to the Moravians who first settled on the Wachovia. There were German-speaking and they were strong Protestants. The town grew rapidly, even before Independence, with an aim to be self sufficient. As the years rolled into decades, and the decades swelled to centuries, we fast forward to a community that once comprised two towns, Winston and Salem, that then became one.