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Shreveport’s Stability in a Downward Economy

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According to Liz Wolgemuth, writing in Yahoo Finance, “Economists at IHS Global Insight expect Louisiana will have lost just 2 percent of its jobs by the end of the recession and will have returned to its prerecession peak by 2012.” However, a particular star of the state is Shreveport where residents with mineral rights are leasing their land for up to $25,000 acre in regards to the Haynesville Shale discovery, which could be the largest natural gas deposit in the United States. There’s also been a boom in the film industry productions in the area. According to the article, there have been at least 60 projects in Shreveport in the past 3 years. The film industry tends to wander and shale is difficult to refine, however, both Barksdale Air Force Base and the Louisiana State University-Shreveport have proven to be reliable employers over time. Perhaps this is why Almost Home Corporate Housing has gained so many Shreveport corporate housing clients. While Shreveport LA is enjoying relative economic stability, Almost Home USA is happy to offer corporate housing to any corporate travelers in the area.

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