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We serve the entire Reno area including Downtown Reno, West Reno, Sparks, Sun Valley, Cold Springs, Spanish Springs, North Valley, Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley, Vista.

Corporate Housing Reno: Getting to Know the City

Sitting at the feet of the Sierra Nevada is a luxury not many cities in the United States can boast of. That honor goes to Reno, “The biggest little city in the world,” as it is affectionately known. It’s rise to fame, aside from its geological characteristics, is its numerous casinos and hotels that cater to the West Coast crowd who do not want to drive all the way out to Las Vegas. At one point in history, Reno was the gambling capital of the world.  Reno residents are proud of their city and they show it by being as friendly as they can to all who visit. So make sure you make some friends while you’re here and invite them over to enjoy the best of Reno corporate housing with you in an Almost Home furnished apartment.