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What to Do While Staying in St. Petersburg Corporate Housing

St. Petersburg is located in Pinellas county, Florida. It is the largest city in the state, excluding county seats of course and the fourth most populous. Still, if you plan on getting a corporate housing in St. Petersburg, worry not since this city is one of the top destinations for tourists, Americans or foreigners alike because of its subtropical climate, with a consistently light rainy season during June to September. Also, because of this, St. Petersburg has been dubbed as the “City of Sunshine,” coupled with the fact that the city has an average of 360 days of sunshine a year.

While you’re enjoying corporate housing in St. Petersburg, the city is brimful of attractions but the ones mentioned here are both family and health friendly.

Sunken Gardens will give you and your loved ones a superior botanical experience with a tropical ambience complete with orchids and streams with pink flamingos. If you’re bringing a child or two, the garden offers special activities for them. Also, they give a presentation about wildlife for all. If you’re fond of seeing exotic animals, you can also visit their Information Center for Rainforests, home to certain species of eerie creatures like spiders, snakes, and others. But if you’re more in the usual aesthetics, their butterfly aviary is also a must-see.

If Sunken Gardens is too small for you, why not try the Boyd Hill Nature Park? This park is a home for a number of wildlife creatures while also being in the middle by a golf course, the St. Pete Skyline, and a subdivision. You can go biking on this verdant park with acres of palmetto. If you don’t know how to start, a guided tour is available for a small fee. As for the admission, 2 dollars is for adults, 1 dollar for children ages 3-16, and children ages 3 and below are free of charge.

St. Petersburg is really a calm and relaxing place due to its warm climate, favorable for a nice family vacation. Certainly, the City of Sunshine will live up to your dreams of a fantastic outdoor vacation.